Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got my thread closed, woohoo!

I started a thread on etsy about an hour ago which inadvertently opened a can of worms. I wasn't trying to be negative but several people were taking it that way and it got pretty heated. Enough that a certain user ran an told etsy admin and got the thread closed. Of course it probably didn't help that I thought she was full of s--- and told her "whatever" that's when she turned tattletail. Whimp! Probably the most fun anyone's had all day on etsy since the threads are usually so dull and whiney! That's why I like Artfire better, not so bland and Nazi. I'm sorrry...did I go there? Some people just take themselves WAY too seriously!

Okay so people are asking about this infamous thread; I tried to link it here but it wouldn't work, hmmmm. So if you really want to read it the title is "It was my idea first" and it's under the business section. I fubared the title because I was excited when I started the thread and didn't think about the reactions I might get. It's really not negative about anything, especially the other seller but I have a bad habit of my mouth (in this case my fingers) working faster than my brain. I've added numerous self filters over the years but I doubt I'll ever completely break myself of blurting out the first thing on my mind.


  1. That's funny stuff ... wish I could find the thread, but it wasn't there ... hummm ... imagine that! I totally understand, because I, too, know how exactly to put my foot in my mouth ... oh, well, take me or leave me, that's me!! Love the blog ... keep up the postings:-)

  2. Go to for all closed threads from etsy!


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