Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top 3 things I hate about being a Paramedic

1) Sleep deprivation
2) Sleep deprivation
3) Being awakened multiple times throughout the night for stupid calls, aka unnecessary sleep deprivation

Did I mention that I hate sleep deprivation? It used to be easier to deal with when I was 15 yrs younger but you never really get used to 'dealing' with it. I work a 24 hour shift with 48 hours off between shifts. When you have a bad night it'll take most of the next day off to recover so you've lost a day just to sleeping and dragging ass around your house. That's assuming that a family member or friend hasn't decided to have some sort of activity that you just HAVE to attend. There's a lot about being a paramedic that I love but the physical demands of the job are becoming increasingly difficult as I get older. I still have 12 years left before I can retire from EMS and get my county pension. 12 years is a long time...


  1. frankly, i don't know how anyone does your job.
    but i am grateful that you do.

  2. If I thought about it everyday I would probably wouldn't be able go to work at all.


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