Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great photography from Artfire Artisans


This is one of my photographs of my experiences with hot air ballooning. I was an active balloon crew member for a few years in the late ninties and early 2000. This one was taken just as dawn was breaking; any balloons launched prior to dawn are called the Dawn Patrol. You get to watch the sunrise at 10,000 ft! I've been in the Dawn Patrol before and it's one of my most amazing experiences. I definitely recommend it if you ever get the opportunity. Most hot air balloon pilots have volunteer crews that they call across the country when they're in the local area. Volunteering to crew is the best way to get tons of free hot air balloon rides! Fortunately, my best friends and I crewed for one of the top 10 pilots in the US, Steve Lombardi.

Check out this blog for more great photographs from Artfire Artisans!


  1. Beautiful photo! I guess you aren't scared of heights! What an amazing experience.

  2. Contact Moonstone. I'm sure that she will be mentioning the next one in the forums.


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