Saturday, February 21, 2009

I hate politics!

I'm not talking about national politics, although it's pretty disgusting as well. I'm talking about local, at your job people politics. ARGH! I have the misfortune of being a insanely honest person. I also have the misfortune of being a person not afraid to speak my mind and I am rarely intimidated by anyone. I have had to learn how to filter what runs around in my head since elementary school. And I've become very good at it. Being in the Army taught me how to have a excellent poker face. But the poker face usually comes off more stern than stoic. (My Dad has the same problem, nicest guy ever but people who don't know him think he an asshole based on that look).

I also have the misfortune of becomeing very irritated by efficiency and stupidity. I'm not afraid to stand up to anyone, even a man twice my size and tell him what I think. (Forutnately, I do know how to defend myself as I've taken many years of martial arts, hand to hand self defense and fencing. I've tossed guys that are 6'2" 250lbs on the ground and then run like hell! ;o)

Golly, I'm just setting myself here aren't I. I mean; I work for a government agency, I'm subjected to sleep deprivation and extreme emotional stress at work, I work in a county that is very much still run by the rural good ole boys in a business that is very male dominated. It's no wonder I excel at pissing people off. Not my patients so much as the police, investigator, fire fighters and occasionally family members.

Don't get me wrong. I'm actually very social and friendly and will chat with anyone (I really mean anyone). I really do like people in social settings but the politics and emotionally charged atmospheres of my career make it difficult for me to tolerate stupidity and ass kissing.

I got 'talked to' by my supervisor (who was very cool about the whole thing) for telling a death investigator that I was pissed at him for using us (EMS) VERY inefficiency and causing a delay on the scene and us to be woken up twice at 3 and 4 am because he didn't bother to contact us earlier when he was more than able to. I didn't yell, swear or publicly embarrass the guy. I just told him very firmly that I was mad at him for doing what he did. I told him in private in a direct and honest manner.

Apparently, these days one is not allowed to express anger in any fashion about anyting or you will be accused of having an "attitude problem". If I had been yelling at him and stomping around in front of everyone else then yeah, that would be inappropriate. I guess he just doesn't have any balls and was insulted that a 'female' dared to tell him that she thought he fucked up! Sorry about the f bomb, lol!

I need to get back to fencing class, I've missed several this month. I can tell that when I miss them my personal aggression tends to leak out at work more often. Nothing like getting into a complex fencing match to knock out random stress and aggression!

I'll have more features later today and I'm still playing with my Icarus Art board and will have more info on it soon.


  1. OMG! My husband and i get in trouble all the time because we are Too honest,TOO this too that, there are no versions of the truth and it is really hard to deal with wimpy,butt-kissing,folks..and they end up being the ones to get ahead and we get labeled"does not play well with othres" when,as you said, in reality we really like to talk to other people,make is hard and it is good to know we are not alone, sometimes we wonder..TAKE HEART feathered friend! check out my doggies pics! for today! :0) Kimi

  2. I have the same problem, but I'm working to rectify it, because in most of my situations, it's pride. I feel that people are wrong, and I'm right. Well, I wasn't put here to be "right". I was put here to "love". And sometimes, it's more loving to keep quiet than to be right, or correct, or put someone in their place. It isn't easy, but I'm working on it. :)


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