Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awesome Fair!

Spend 4 hours at the fair this morning and made more sales then any of the previous bird fairs that I've participated in previously! I made about $150 in sales which completely covered my booth fee and since it was in my neighborhood it didn't cost me anything else! I sold the most expensive piece that I currently had to my dentist! He showed up by chance and bought the amethyst necklace for his wife! Woohoo! Guess I'll have to remember to make an dental appt. LOL! Also did a bracelet giveaway and had lots of participation and made some potential contacts for other fairs/home parties. Overall a very successful morning!

People are shopping so don't give up hope! And be willing to haggle. I made several sales because I was willing to haggle and I usually price my items to give a decent profit without over charging which gives me some wiggle room. I also used Accept by phone credit card service this morning and it was easy and fast and made a sale right off because I took credit. Accept by phone is the most economical and least rip off that I've found so far. $79 start up fee, $5 a month, 3.98% per trans and that's it! No other fees, no minimum purchase amount fees, no additional trans fees, no fees to move the money to your checking account in 48 hours, cancel anytime!


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