Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm still alive!

Sorry I haven't posted in several days, been dealing with the exhaustion, working light duty 8-5 and going to dr's appt. Current update is that my hemoglobin has dropped from 11.3 to 11; so while the bleeding has been partially controlled I'm still losing more blood then I can replace. Hopefully, my next appt on May 6 will be the time to make the serious decisions. So until then I decided to post my Rules for Living. Every day or so I will post one of the rules that I've learned in my life so far. These Rules have served me well and I've found that when I break one there are usually very serious consequences. I'm going to start from the newest to the oldest. Some of these Rules go back to childhood so take them or leave them maybe they'll ring true for some of you out there. :o)


This is my newest rule which I finally learned after I bought my first computer years ago. I've always been interested in saving money. I'm not cheap but if I didn't need the extra bells and whistles then I wouldn't spend the money. I've always tried to pare done the final cost as much as possible. Extra memory, nah don't need that. Expandable ports, nah... So after spend $500 on my first computer which was already old it quickly became apparent to me that I would need more hard drive space, more features extra and I quickly regretted 'saving' the money. I should have just spend a bit more and in the long run it would have saved me more money.

As for education, fortunately I learned this part of the rule by accident. I had taken the college prep course in high schoo and while I didn't do all the well my first couple years of college; Ieventually found my path and aced the paramedic course. After I finished the paramedic course I realized that I accured just enough hours over several years to earn my degree. Woohoo! So I applied for it and tucked it away. Years later I started receiving an education bonus from my employeer because of this degree.

So you never know what will happen but if you always do more than you think you'll need things will usually work out in your favor; sometimes years later.

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