Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weird Day at Work

So...I've been dealing with unusually heavy female hemorrhaging for over 3 weeks now. On a curious note but blood work results came back today and my hemoglobin is currently 11.3 ; normal is 11.5 - 15, so not too bad right? Well, my previous hemoglobin 2 months ago was not so good after all. I've lost a substantial amount of blood in the last 3 weeks and I can feel it!

So, what's the weird day part? I'm at work yesterday and brought a note from my doctor to help explain to my supervisors what I'm currently dealing with medically; because it never hurts to have documentation. Of course, I had already told them verbally what was happening the first week.

So, the weird boss's, boss's, boss poked his head into the crew quarters in the rear of the building and saw me lying on the couch (in full uniform) resting, not sleeping (although we do sometimes takes naps, have to!) Well, he decided that he suddenly had a problem with any crews sleeping on duty, wtf? And instead of going to talk to my direct supervisor first he decides to talk to EVERYBODY ELSE about how he's sick of crews sleeping during the day. For the rest of the morning I get a parade of middle management coming back to the living room to "check on me" because they're "concerned". Yeah, my supervisors have known about my current anemia for 3 weeks and yesterday is the first day that they're all suddenly concerned about me. Go figure... it sort of weirded me out but I mainly thought it was hilarious!


  1. What a douche! I'm glad you're not seriously ill though.

  2. I'm functional, but really tired and drained all the time, duh...You're right, he is a douche!


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