Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Etsy Shops

This is an update I've been wanting to post all week but I also wanted to make sure I had the time to write it properly. I met Amber of Amber Dawn Accessories while at the Yale Street Market last Saturday. She's a vibrant young woman working towards her Master's Degree and creating jewelry on the side. She and I spoke at length and she asked if I would be willing to met with her later that week so that she could seek advice on running a jewelry business.

I was flattered and excited to share the knowledge I've gain with another artist. We met at Starbuck's (of course!) a few days later and talked for over 2 hours! Amber has beautiful designs and she's a real go-getter! I believe she's going to be successful in whatever field she chooses to work in. Not just because she's talented but because she has a plan of attack and is committed to her goals. That's a rare trait in most people, I'm sorry to say.

Amber also told me something flattering and a bit disturbing. She wanted to speak with me further because I was the only vendor from approx 50+ that took the time to engage with her and really sell my product in a positive manner. Amber said that the other vendors weren't really engaging anyone much at all let alone being so positive and upbeat. (No hardselling though, ick!) How sad that other sellers weren't taking the time for whatever reason to express their passion for their work. Why bother trying to sell your art at all if you're not going to be engaging your customers. Customers are the financial life blood of the economy and everyone is a customer!

She also told me that my items were far more beautiful and unique in person than online; not because my pictures aren't good enough but because real life offers a vibrancy that computers can't. That sealed the deal for me. I'll be continuing craft fairs as time permits; I'm hoping about 6 a year right now. Selling in person it the best way to go but you've got to learn how to sell people- in a good way- since they're not just buying your product they're buying you ( in a not creepy, prostitute sort of way).

Check out Amber's shop. While she only has a few things listed she excels at custom orders and has a flickr link in her shop for her past work.


  1. Thanks for the kind words! I also took your advice about creating a completely handmade look by making earwires as well. It really took the design up a few notches. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Great Article! And Yes, Amber is one of my "Daughter's I Never Had!". She is actually my daughter's bestfriend, & I've watched her grow up from a shy grade school little girl into a beautiful person with a more beautiful soul! I'm glad you enjoy jewelery making. It's fun!


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