Friday, May 8, 2009

My old office and my current office

This is my old office below and left. That's right...the rear patient compartment of Medic 1. This is taken from the rear double doors. See that big chair? That's called the captain's seat or the jump seat. There's also a bench seat to the left of the picture. Those are the two main areas that I would normally be sitting while I attended to my patients; which I haven't been able to do for a month now. That super comfortable looking "bed" is the stretcher we use to secure and move our patients. It locks onto a floor mount which secures it inside the back of the unit.

All around that area are the supply compartments that hold everything from bandages to narcotics. And the heart monitor is sitting on the floor at the back just to the right of the stretcher which is in front of the side door. Overall a relatively cramped working area with a ceiling just high enough for me to barely stand up and I'm 5'8" with the work boots on.

The picture on the right is my current office for light duty. It used to be a roomy conference room but now it's combination storage/work area so I don't have much more space than usual. However, it's a helluva lot more boring and mind numbing. I have thousands....ugh thousands of files to sort through. Approx 20,000+ dating from the summer of 2007. Since our collections dept recently separated from our medical dept I get to individually separate all the billing info from the medical info. One and a time for about 5-8 hours a day depending on how I feel physically.

It has most definitely made me remember why I quit working as a medical records clerk over 15 years ago and went into paramedicine. Man, do I miss my real work. Filing is soooo mind numbing........

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