Sunday, May 3, 2009

Successful Craft Fair!

My first booth at the Yale Street
Market in the Houston Heights was a great success! I sold more yesterday than I've sold at any other fair to date. A grand total of $329 in about 6 hours. Maybe you're thinking that doesn't sound like too much but since my most expensive item right now is $100 I think that's pretty darn good. That's a total of 6 necklaces, 10 pairs of earrings, 1 key chain, 1 ring, 1 bracelet and 1 rear view mirror hanger. One lady purchased three pairs of earrings for $85!

It's especially gratifying when I heard from the other vendors that they were having bad days. There were over 60 vendors there and many didn't make any sales at all! My friend Diana didn't sell any of her oil paintings. (although she I and traded, ;o)

I suspect that I was successful for two main reasons:

1) My items are very unique and eclectic and I've been lucky enough to stumble onto this niche. I constantly heard from customers and vendors alike that "they've never seen anything like this"- I sold out of my Feather Cage Earrings! And there was something for everyone - large, small, bold, delicate, funky, classic - you name it!

2) My items are priced at a reasonable range so that someone can spend a lot or a little. And since most people are watching their dollars but still want to treat themselves it helps that they can spend $10 on a cute, little, one of a kind item to cheer themselves up. But I'm not underpricing myself - I use the pricing formula of - cost of materials, labor by hours ($10-$20 right now an hour depending on the complexity of work, that will increase as I gain more experience), state taxes - (I price at even numbers and work the taxes into the price so that I can run the numbers backwards at home, quicker, easier, far less stressful during the fair), and 10% overhead for packaging, etc. Depending on the venue I'll add $5-$20 to the prices which gives me a lot of wiggle room for haggling, etc and that still keeps my prices very reasonable.

Of course, it was really hot most of the day and my anemia reared it's ugly head. It was an exciting day which took every bit of my energy and gifted me with a raging migraine by mid afternoon. I sucked it up and put on a happy face, finishing out the day without out my customers realizing my pain; which is exactly what I was doing during the photo taken above by my husband.

AmyDesigns custom vendor aprons

Notice that cute apron I'm wearing? There's a close up to the right. That was custom made for me by Amy Cavaness of Amydesigns of Artfire! See the adorable little birdies on it? She was able to find that cute cloth to fit into my shop theme.

It was very comfortable on, easy to use with two large pockets. The pocket on the right has a large strip of velco to secured valuables inside. That's where the money hid out and my lockbox keys. This was the first show that I've been able to use it at and it worked out wonderfully. No more searching for my pens or my phone ( I use Accept by Phone credit card service, awesome!!!! will talk more about that later), no more losing my keys or my priceless Carmex ( I have very dry skin - need my Carmex at all times). The cloth is already soft and pliable so no "breaking in period" and the ties are extra long to use in front or behind.

I can't think of any cons to Amy's product, it worked out very well for me and I definitely recommend her. She's easy to work with, fair prices and does an wonderful job on custom work.

So my big weekend is on it's downslide and I'm glad. I did a lot of prepping for this show and pushing myself when I should be resting. But there was no way I was missing my first show at this location and while I'm dead tired this Sunday it was all worth it!

I'll be listing lots of new items over the next few weeks. I didn't list anything the last couple of weeks because I was increasing my show stock. I know it's optimistic but I didn't want to risk selling items online and thinning out my stock. So now I have a few items that didn't sell that are new and will be posted soon.

Take care and stay strong!


  1. Congrats on your sales!! It must feel so good to do so well when the others weren't.You put a lot of time and effort into it and it paid off and you should be proud! Great job and keep up the good work!!

  2. WooHoo! Yippee for you! I am SO glad you did so well, your hard work and ingenuity are paying off! Your work is stunning!

  3. Congratulations on a successful event! I came toward the end and I had a wonderful time talking to you about your experience so far. I'm sure your cheerful disposition helped to sell your gorgeous jewelry as well. I wish you continued success.

  4. Good for you! Adorable apron too!


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