Sunday, July 5, 2009

Awesome Feedback!

So I just have to brag this morning. I sold this necklace and these earrings to a seller a couple of weeks ago and have been eagerly awaiting feedback of some sort. She finally left feedback yesterday and WOW! I'm so glad she loved them! The choker was one of my favorites and I'm glad it went to a great home. The earrings had been admired by several people; one lady who suggested that they would be better without the feathers. I offered to removed them but she didn't buy anyhow. I considered removing them later but decided they were they design I started with and I would stay with that idea. A month later this buyer loved them and they're now a matching set. Just goes to show you shouldn't change your designs to suit someone unless they're actually buying the product. Here's my awesome buyer's feedback which I cut and pasted from Etsy.

Superlative! I love this necklace -- it is beautifully executed. Quick delivery, safe packing, A++++++

Talented and imaginative seller, these are great earrings. Delivery was quick, packing terrific (fragile items, feathers). A++++++

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  1. Wahoo! That's fantastic feedback! Great job, but it's no surprise she loved them....they're beautiful! =)


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