Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tragic Fate and Strong Nails

After 16 years as a paramedic I've learned that the vast majority of tragedies are the end result of poor decisions made by persons unable or unwilling to look towards the future possible consequences of their actions. However, there does exist the small percentage of unlucky persons who just happen (or not depending on your belief in Free Will and/or the Will of God) to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

These unlucky people end up having a piano squash them to death on a city sidewalk, or a stray piece of large metal junk is flung by a large pro lawnmower through the windshield of their car - killing them instantly. (That actually happened, the second one).

Anyhow, so we responded to a call early this morning in which an elderly woman happened to be walking past a large, tall pile of heavy wood beams being stored at their home for future repair. These wood beams, for whatever reason, slipped longwise down from their shelf and struck the woman in the neck. Unfortunately, the beams were several feet long and the hallway she was in wasn't. Essentially pinning and hanging her against the wall by her neck. One can only hope that her death was instantaneous and painless due to a broken cervical spine. Imagine, walking casually through your own home and suddenly BAMMO! your dead for no good reason.

Lesson - always be ready to be dead today or tomorrow or have a loved die because right now is all any of us ever really have and life doesn't come with guarantees, ever.

On a happier note my mom recommended Trind nail repair to me last week. You can only buy it in select stores or online; just google Tring nail repair... So I became a believer in this product in less than 1 week because it is seriously bad ass. My nails grow fast and are healthy but tend to be dry (have dry skin) and so they sometimes break and fray easily no matter what I do. After just one week of using this $20 product my nails are gorgeous and in several situations when I would have normally broken a nail not only did it not break but it didn't even fray/bend/split or chip. I will continue my personal experiment and update as I learn more about this cool product.

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