Wednesday, August 5, 2009

EMS Continuing Education

What do I have planned for tomorrow you ask? Well, I get to wake up at 6am, drive to the opposite side of Houston and spend 10 hours in medical lectures. Whoopee! The upside is that they're going to feed me breakfast, lunch and a coffee/ice cream bar in the afternoon. Sounds tasty doesn't it? I'll need all that sugar and caffeine just to keep my eye lids open. As far as learning anything....hmmm....we'll see. At least I'm blessed with a scary-good memory and most of the time I tend to learn by osmosis. As long as I'm in ear shot and conscious enough info should filter into my cerebellum. Also, fortunately I tend to like to know things just for the sake of knowing it. Terrible curiosity...drives my friends and family crazy cause I'm always asking questions and watching boring science and education channels. (Not that I don't love watching pointless fluff, too!)

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  1. Well, good for you that you have a good sense of humor about having to go to school and work. Not an easy thing especially with all the creating you do. Hang in there--school is always worth it.


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