Friday, October 23, 2009

Head colds suck

I haven't posted all week cause I've been dealing with a bad head cold which has been stubbornly trying to turn itself into a chest cold (haha! Zicam and Tylenol severe cold and flu syrup- take that evil virus!) So I've been a bit fuzzy headed must of the week fighting this cold since my immune system still isn't back to it's usual vigor yet.

In addition I've been prepping for 3 - count'em 3 shows starting on Halloween morning. UGH. 3 in one week, what was I thinking? 1 is a normal craft show and the other 2 are at business locations so those shouldn't be as complicated but still - 3 in 7 days? It's going to be a busy week. That's also why I haven't listed anything new in my shop right now because I want to have enough for all the shows. Whatever doesn't sell by the last show will get listed in my shop. I may also have another show 12/5 but I'm not sure if I'll be off my usual work shift or not. So that another show to prep for....But good news! Whatever doesn't sell at my shows this season before Christmas not only gets listed online but I'm thinking of having a Christmas sale after 12/5 for a couple of weeks. Maybe 25% off? Whatda think? Comments, concerns, questions?

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