Sunday, April 11, 2010

1st Annual Fulshear Arts Festival

After last weeks awful experience with my legs caused me to miss my craft show scheduled last Saturday; it was with great relief that I was feeling well enough to attend my show scheduled this Saturday April 10.

It started off very windy, over cast and ended up being intermittently raining. This had my husband and I very concerned that we wouldn't be able to stay. After all many of my jewelry items are very wind sensitive, lol! and I'd hate to have any of them get blow away.

But we stuck it out even after a few of our 'neighbor's quit and by noon the rain was officially over and it was just gusty with wind. We had to tie the tent off to two separate trees to stabilize it because the cinderblocks weren't quite enough weight and the wind gusts keep trying to launch it. If it hadn't been for the first couple of sales totally $100 the first hour I would've given up by them. But the ropes kept the tent on the ground and the money keep me optimistic so we stayed.

Within the next couple of hours the wind reduced to manageable levels and my sales were very steady and strong! Overall a very satisfying day and much better then I would've expected considering the way it started. I even sold an art print not just jewelry!

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