Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great Artfire Shops

You love interesting jewelry but prefer something with a beach flair? Then Caly's Jewelry Creations is the Artfire shop for you? Her designs are inspired by the ocean and make you feel like sunbathing your day away at the beach. Check out her shop for some great jewelry.

Trivia Quiz: Take a close look at these earrings...if you can answer correctly how she creates the appearance of them hanging in midair then I will feature your shop next, no matter how many other shops are ahead of you or if you've already been featured! Good luck!

I'll give you a hint: check out another one of her earring photos in her shop. ;o)

No one else wants to guess.....the answer is "fishing line" it's nearly invisible in all of her listing except one where is barely visible. She hangs them from fishing in front of scrapbook paper, then photoshops any hint of the ling out. Brilliant idea!


  1. She photoshopped them onto a different background? They were hanging on a thin string that was easy to photoshop out?

  2. Thanks for the feature...! I just got the message that it was here..not sure why...! only 1 guess..???

  3. Actually...if you'd like me to clarify on Aloquin's guess....I photograph with the background intact. It's scrapbook paper. Then I do us an editing program to edit out the very small line left by the fishing line. Very easy to do.


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