Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Etsy Experiment

So, the current status of my personal experiment. I know my views have increased since I upgraded my photos. I made the background more interesting and varied so that the shop jumps with color. I also added the plainer photos to the 5 photos allowed so that after it catches someone attention they can see the item more clearly. A couple of days after I changed all the prices and shipping I sold one bookmark to a gentleman in NY.

Which I think is cool since I purposefully make masculine bookmarks to help drawn the male population to my shop. I know men (well most men) aren't going to wear feather jewelry but they'll use a feather bookmark or mirror hanger! Got have something for everyone!

So I've made 1 sale since the change a few days ago, that's after a dry spell of over 2 weeks. Hmmmm. Will keep watching and let you know what else happens.

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  1. Good luck. I think I have noticed the biggest increase in sales after I started Twitter. I re-list 3 or more items at night since I wake up to most of my sales. I did take a lot of new pictures and I am sure it helped. I think in the long run a combined effort helps.


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