Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nice weekend getaway

My husband and I decided to spend Friday and Saturday in New Braunfels, Tx with my best friend Debbie. I've been feeling stronger and my energy is starting to return so she suggested that we drive out for a visit. We had a great time, which was to be expected since I've known Debbie for over 12 years. The only bummer was that I couldn't play in the Guadalupe River becase my incision is not completely healed and who knows what critters and bacteria lurk in the natural spring waters. ;o(

So you're probably wondering why I posted a picture of supplements on this post. Debbie recommended this energy/stamina/mood boosting supplements from Irwin Naturals to me. She tried them a few weeks earlier and became and immediate believer. Normally I'm not one to use energy supplement because most have awful side effects and can be seriously damaging to one's health. I take my usual multi vitamin, prescribed medications and tried to live a healthy life of varied diet, exercise and sleep. But I tried these and I must say that I felt great all day!

Considering my current anemia I was able to walk around in the Texas heat most of the day and as long as I took breaks and stayed hydrated I didn't feel my usual malaise. I didn't take them the next morning to see what type of difference I felt and I was definitely more tired without them in the same conditions.

The average about $16 for a bottle of 75 and I liked them so much I decided to let ya'll know about them.

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  1. Oh jeez....I'm afraid to try them after the reaction to the meds I just had. Glad they made you feel better though! And you're right....I *was* wondering about the picture! =)


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