Monday, June 15, 2009

My first Blog Giveaway! Let's Play!

This is my first blog giveaway! I was going to do it for my one year anniversary of starting my business in August but since I'm starting to feel so much better I decided to go ahead and do it now. My poll showed that most people preferred a bracelet or ring as a prize so I'm going with bracelet.

The bracelet pictured is an example of the type that will be the prize. The actual prize is a CUSTOM bracelet in this style with or without feathers. I used artistic silver plated wire with Swarovski crystals and a silver plated clasp with adjustable sizing links. If you win you get to pick the color and size of the bracelet and you get to choose either non tarnish silver plated or non tarnish brass wire for a gold look. If you decide to include feathers, be aware that while I have numerous colors/sizes in stock some colors/sizes may be limited or unavailable. Let me know what you prefer and I will do my best to match it.

The Rules:

1) Go to my artfire shop Feathered Friends Mementos, pick your favorite item and post a comment about it here. That earns you 1 entry!

2) Post about my giveaway on your blog/twitter/plurk/ etc and post a comment here with a link to that post and that earns you 2 entries!

3) Buy something from my shop and that earns you 3 entries! Woohoo!

FYI- you can do any combo of the above, only one comment entry allowed and multiple entries allowed by posting with a link in a comment or purchasing.

This giveaway will run from today June 15 until July 15. Then I'll randomly draw a name and announce the winner the next morning! Yippee!

I'm going to post a separate link to this post at on the upper right hand corner of my blog and keep this post up for a few days before a update again.

Thanks for all the support and follows! I hope this will be fun and can't want to see who wins!


  1. I love this one!
    Fine Art Print - "Parrot Collage" 11 x 14

    Silver River Jewelry

  2. I really like this piece:
    "Gray Peacock Pheasant Feather and Vintage Button Necklace"

    Your work is beautiful!

  3. My favorite thing right now is this Delicate Feather Pendant!

    What a fantastic contest!


  4. My favourite item in the Artfire shop is the Impeyan Pheasant feathers earrings in sterling silver. These feathers are remarkable in that they look like coloured metal, the shine is so bright and the silver compliments them perfectly.

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  6. oops above is me

  7. I love the beautiful colors on this choker.

  8. blogged about it at here:

  9. I'm an avid reader and LOVE the Leather & Feather bookmark!

  10. Hi Heather, I am so glad that you are feeling better! I have tried to leave a comment several times in the last week but Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like your blog. It keeps 'aborting'. I don't know why. Anyway, I am trying another browser.

    Thanks for your lovely comments in your previous post and thanks for the press. :-) Much appreciated!

    This blog give away is a great idea. I like how you have set up the opportunity for multiple entries.

    May your recovery be very speedy so you can enjoy this time off of work!

  11. I love the Amethyst and Swarovski crystal necklace sterling silver wire.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  12. I tweeted here:

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  13. Well it goes without saying I lOVE the feather cage earrings since I already have a pair and a necklace to match (thank you Heather and Johanna) and would LOVE the matching bracelet. Me me me! LOL

  14. Okay, I'ma freak (heehee), but I love the Partially Nude Male sketch. You are really talented!

  15. Your work is really interesting and quite unique.
    Picking out a favorite is not an easy task. But, I really love the wire work in your Egyptian coil necklace with the chalk blue turquoise pendant & pheasant feathers.
    The coil work is fabulous--I love the look of copper with turquoise and the dangles on the pendant are funky.

  16. I plurked (GreenHillSoapCo) and twittered @GymMama =)

  17. I like the Macaw Parrot earring and pendent set the color on the feathers is so pretty and delicate

  18. I just love your copper planet earrings. They are just so unique.


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