Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goggle Checkout and Revolution Money Exchange

I've decided to add Goggle Checkout and Revolution Money Exchange to my Artfire payment options. I've already been offering paypal, check and money order with success but I've been curious if having more payment options might make a difference in my sales. Nearly everyday I see various items in people's sticky carts and yet fewer sales than I would hope for. Obviously, I have no way to know why someone decides not to purchase my items but I considered the possibility that some customers would prefer more options; especially non-US customers. I've had numerous international sales and visits to my shop so maybe these expanded options might give certain customers more incentive to finish a purchase. We'll see....I'll let you know how the experiment goes but either way both additional options don't cost me anything if they're not used so why not?

FYI- I've noticed that free shipping seems to increase long term sales. It seems most customers love knowing up front exactly how much they're going to spend without checking the additional shipping costs. Fortunately, my items are generally light weight, small and easy to ship worldwide.

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