Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My new work area

My birthday was yesterday the big 3-9! And my hubbie, parents and in-laws all got together to buy me a new work/craft desk since I've making do with a dining room table. See this previous post. We moved everything into the study; previously known as the computer room. But we've both converted to laptops with mobile broadband internet and since our desktop had become obsolete my hubbie asked me if I'd like to turn the study into my new craft/work room. Hell ya! It also houses large bookcases with tons of books from every genre, etc. But almost half of the room will now be entirely devoted to my work. See that great new table in the left pic? It also inclines forward to faciliate my artwork and lies flat for jewelry and other crafts. It has built in drawers and organization trays, too! I just got it yesterday so I haven't had too much time to try it out yet but I'm sure it'll be great. It's an Alvin Craftmaster II just in case you're interested.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Heather, love the work area!


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