Friday, August 14, 2009

work, work,, work, work- hello boys!

I haven't had much time to blog this week. I've been busy at work, taking another continuing education class and making more jewelry for my shop and upcoming fairs. To the left is my latest necklace; trimmed peacock feather with all sterling silver and swarovski crystals on a braided black satin cord. It looks even nicer in person!

At least it's been an easy week on the ambulance. By easy I mean a lot of transports that consist solely of medical taxi rides. You place the patient on the stretcher, load and hook them up to the automatic blood cuff. You ask a lot of personal questions then chill out for 15 minute ride to the hospital. No muss, no fuss, easy shmesy way to earn a living. And I got to sleep most of the night last night. It may sound a bit boring but you learn to be grateful for boring shifts because you next several probably won't be and if things are exciting for medics then they're really bad for the public.

I've also gotten several details worked out with The Terrace in Clear Lake for an upcoming Craft Show I'm organizing for local artisans. It's on Sept 26 and we're all getting really excited about the event!

BTW- who got my reference to Blazing Saddles in the title?

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