Monday, August 17, 2009

And you thought you had a bad day...

A gentleman was riding his horse this weekend, as he usually did most weekends, when it bucked him off and he fell to the ground; hard. Adding the classic insult to injury, his horse then decided to STEP on his groin! I guess he didn't feel like giving any rides this weekend. This gentleman couldn't even lie completely flat on his back or straighten his legs without a great deal of pain. I was driving at the time so I didn't see the level of physical damage and even if I had writing about that kind of private trauma on a blog wouldn't be appropriate; even if the privacy laws didn't exist. No, some things just should remain in the imagination. Unfortunately for him it was very real.

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  1. oh I feel so sorry for him, the pain he must be in, he's lucky it didn't kill him though! owwwe


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