Thursday, August 20, 2009

My good day is your bad day

When paramedics say they've had a great call that means that someone else has had a really bad day. That being said, I had a really great call yesterday morning. For the first time in months I got to be a real medic again and saved someone's life. A patient was experiencing a major heart attack (otherwise known as a myocardial infarction) and not only did I bring him back from the brink but we got him to the hospital in time. A short while after we arrived at the ER and while they were taking him to the cardiac cath lab to fix the blockage he went into cardiac arrest! The ER staff shocked him once and brought him back. He then was able to continue to the cath lab. Had my partner and I not treated him as quickly and appropriately as we had he would have gone into cardiac arrest sooner and probably would not have made it to the cath lab; hence his heart would not have been fixed in time.

Those are the calls that paramedics train for and while we realize that it's good they don't happen everyday it gets to be a real drag to be used primarily as a medical taxi cab.

On a lighter note I've added a new jewelry design to my shop: ear cuffs. What's really great is that I listed my first ear cuff (check the link for a pic) Tues night and sold it Wed morning! How awesome is that? I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested so I'm very happy to be wrong.

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