Sunday, September 27, 2009

What did I do yesterday? Organized a craft fair!

That's right, as Guild Master of the Texas Artfire Guild I organized my first ever and Texas Artfire's first ever craft fair. It was small and intimate; more of an experiment but I feel confident stating that it was a success and everyone involved from sellers, customers and venue managers ended up happy with the results. You can read about it on the Texas Artfire Blog complete with pics of the attending Houston area artisans.

I started Texas Artfire with the primary goal of networking Texas artisans. If we pool our knowledge and resources we can create our own low/no cost venues and long term business relationships. Most of us love customs orders and what better why to find and create future business that networking with each other. If each of us has only one great idea think of the potential since great ideas tend to breed environments for more great ideas. That's the mission of Texas Artfire.


  1. I am glad your craft show was such a success! Way to go!


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