Monday, October 5, 2009

Soy Tarts - product review of 2 Virgos Designs

Jackie of 2 Virgos Designs makes this interesting Soy Tarts which I had been thinking of trying and finally did a couple of weeks ago. First, here's Jackie's description as she says it better than it can:

You will not believe your eyes! Exciting and unique product! 2.5 ounce 6 individual breakaway soy wax lotion tarts, 2 products in one! Place one cube in your tea light burner or electric burner, and you have a delightful home fragrance. Blow out flame or turn off burner, then lightly dip you fingers in the melted soy wax and apply to hands and skin, you then have the BEST lotion you have ever used with shea and cocoa butter and triple refined certified EMU oil and the warm lotion feels wonderful on your hands. Superb for cracked dry skin and eases hurting hands with its warmth. I get a special buy on my fresh triple refined emu oil and can pass along the savings to you.

If you have used lotion after lotion with little to no benefit, you must try this! One cube lasts for about a week using it daily as a lotion. Soy wax is a green product, clean burning, and melts at a lower temperature than regular wax, no fear of burning yourself, just don't touch the bowl of the burner, it's hot! No wick to sully the wax lotion. Dye free! Only skin safe ratios of fragrance oil or genuine essential oils used. Treat your skin special today, you will wonder how you lived without this!

My Review

Jackie offers these in several of her own custom design scents as well. I ordered Royal Dragon.


1. Royal Dragon is a rich, deep scent which is somewhat masculine but not overly so. It's a strong but not cloying scent. I get migraines and one of my triggers are overly cloying scents which is why I don't wear perfume and don't use most air fresheners, etc. This tart burned all afternoon filling my house with a rich smell which never triggered any headache and remained enjoyable to me all day. First thing my husband said when he got home, "What smells so good?"

2. I couldn't wait to try the lotion option because I have chronic dry skin and it worked just as Jackie said. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft but not greasy or oily.

3. Melts quickly and evenly without any type of smoke or additional irritating residue.

4. Scent lasted as long as the votive candle was still lite.

5. Comes in numerous scents and a vegan option if you prefer not to have Emu oil used. Jackie says the tart result is the same.

6. Great artist and seller. I've have several interactions with her both personal and business and I've found her to be reputable and she offers high quality, unique products.


1. You only get 6 tarts with each order but since each tart lasts several days if melted just for scent that's not too bad. It's not the cost that really an issue since the product is very high quality but makes you want to horde them. :o)

2. If used for the lotion option you'll go through it quickly since I found I had to dip my fingertips in a few times to cover both hands.

3. While the lotion option works well and doesn't leave an oily residue there is a waxy layer that takes awhile, hour+, to absorb/wear away. So don't do anything grip sensitive, like monkey bars for bit afterwards.

4. Requires a votive style burner to use, but these are common and inexpensive so not so much a con as something to remember when purchasing.

I haven't tried her other scents in the soy tarts but I have smelled her scents in other products and they are all bold, rich, comforting scents. I definitely recommend this product and this seller for unique, interesting products for yourself and gifts for your loved ones!


  1. How coincidental! I did my own review of Jackie's soy tarts this past Saturday:)

  2. Heather, thanks so much for the wonderful and thoughtful review of my soy wax lotion tarts! I'm glad you are enjoying them! Jackie


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