Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh man....why didn't I think of this?????

How far has Etsy fallen you ask? Holy Handmade! I should have thought of selling this and then I too could quit my day job and become an Etsy bazillionairre. That's right; not only is someone selling this comforting reminder of our childhoods as high quality handmade craft but they're selling it for $18 plus $5 shipping! AND on Dec 10 at approx 9:30 pm it made the front page. LOL! OMG! How can any of us hope to compete with this level of talent and originality? Is my hope to achieve financial success through the uniqueness, quality and sustainability of my particular product in vain? Are festive paper chains~no...Handmade Festive Paper Chains the wave of the handmade future? Is this a true example of what Etsy hopes to hold up as handmade artisan talent? *shakes head* Then I am well and truly fubared at Etsy; as if I didn't already know that.

I believe in each to his own and while some artists do quite well at Etsy, even without the favoritism, I know that my future does not lie with them. So I laugh and shake my head at stunning, eco friendly paper chains. Sort of like a B movie that is soo bad it's good. I take pride in my work and I can't possibly feel right about being a B movie soo bad that it's good enough to be on Etsy's front page. But I still love to watch them. LOL!

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  1. I'm so with you on this, it devalues true artisans' craftmanship like mine and yours


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