Monday, March 8, 2010

Why do I love being a paramedic?

In a word....interesting!

What other job could this 6pm we're responding to a breathing problems call which is actually back pain which is really an Aortic Aneurysm rupture which is fatal and we quickly realize that the back pain is the primary symptom of this poor patient's largest artery ripping open and flooding insides with blood. Blood which is supposed to remain intravascular not extravascular.

That's bad...very bad. Unfortunately, when an Aorta completely ruptures there's not a damn thing anyone, anywhere can do for you. You can be flayed open on the operating table with the best thoracic surgeon over priced insurance money can buy and you're still dead meat. Yeah, you guessed it, this poor patient did not survive.

Immediately afterwards we respond to another breathing problems call and this one is an anxiety attack. Yep, some anxiety and hyperventilation caused this patient to feel dizzy and experience numbness and tingling in both arms. And, yep...had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital as a placebo to make them "feel better". Which worked because I'm damn good at my job, lol!

I you think this patient's anxiety would have been worse if the knowledge that someone had been dying on the same stretcher just an hour ago had been shared?

Nooooo, I didn't but it sure does put things into perspective for you doesn't it?

Yes, I love being a paramedic...where else can you experience such extremes and get paid for it?

Plus it gives me great party stories.

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