Monday, April 26, 2010

My new necklace design!!!

I thought of this design last weekend while I was hanging out between sales at my show on Saturday. I sat there drawing it in my sketch book which is usually nearby to help me capture any random ideas. That's how may brain usually works; randomly. Ideas and connections just pop into my head and I can usually figure out quickly if they're doable. I first work out the engineering in my mind then sketch out the basic design in my book.

The book is a combination of assistance factors- helps me not forget a design if I don't get to it immediately and it helps get ideas out of my head so I can forget them temporarily. If I can't make them right away and it's a particularly good idea then it'll rattle around in there for weeks sometimes and keep me awake. Seriously. Cause my brain doesn't like to forget things, my recall is sickening good, and combined with my creativity it makes me HAVE to make things or go nuts. Which is why I've been creative at something since i was a little girl.

I absolutely LOVE my imagination however it can be as much of a curse as a blessing. My brain just won't shut off occasionally unless I make it. The only time it shut down for an extended length of time was this time last year when I had lost so much blood. My brain wasn't getting enough oxygen to function at its normal levels and my creativity basically shut down.

I've never experienced that before! I've had days and even a few weeks in my life when creativity wasn't knocking in my skull but months??? And when I'm inspired I'm positively nonstop, borderline obsessive. I'll skip meals to create (and I don't believe in ever skipping meals!!)

So, overall I'm very grateful to have my normal levels of creativity back; lack of sleep and all because lack of creativity was a frightening thing to experience.


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