Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here's my newest 11 x 14 colored pencil artwork, titled "Bright Macaw", finally got it finished!

I've been super busy handling local craft fairs, my full time job, baby sitting my niece and trying to catch up sleep. Plus I somehow pulled my right thumb causing pain during most normal, daily tasks so I've been trying to rest it as much as possible the last few weeks; hence no typing-no blog posts for over a month.

You just don't realize how important seemingly minor parts of your body are until they hurt all the time, lol!

But it's slowly improving so I'm trying to post a short update and I'll be trying to do more update more often. Meanwhile I'm also dealing with my mild depression at the summer break of my favorite TV show FRINGE! It starts it's 3rd season this fall (already been picked up, woohoo!) and I can hardly wait to see what JJ Abrams crew dreams up for us next!


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